I wanted to write this blog post to let you know about our efforts to give back in the past few months.  The reason I am writing this blog post is due to the increasing number of people asking us to sponsor events.  Whilst we are a growing company we unfortunately cannot sponsor everything!  If we have directed you to this page it is because we unfortunately have said no to your request for sponsorship for your event and we apologise we are unable to help you at this time.

September 2013 – Culture Tech in Derry/Londonderry
We have been asked to work alongside a local creative studio in providing the hosting requirements for a project they are working on for Culture Tech.  This event will involve thousands of local school children working on software hosted on a server sponsored by us.  More info coming soon!

June 2013 – University of Ulster Jordanstown
In June 2013 we sponsored a brand new iPad as a prize for the ‘Best Major Project as determined by the External Examiner’ – this is the second year we have done this and it is our way of giving back to local students

May 2013 – University of Ulster Belfast
We assisted with the sponsorship in a small way for the end of year display for a Masters Student at the University of Ulster in Belfast

May 2013 – University of Ulster Startup Company Server Sponsorship
We have been in talks with an exciting new startup company coming out of University of Ulster in Belfast and we have agreed to provide a fully managed VPS server (with backups) free of cost for 12 months for this company.  This is our way of nurturing in a small way the creative talent coming out of a local University.  This company is:  http://www.getinvited.to

April 2013 – Queens University of Belfast Computer Science Society
We sponsored a Galaxy Tablet at a QUB event in the Wellington Park Hotel Belfast

March 2013 – Creative Camp Belfast
We sponsored the refreshments at this event held at Blick Shared Studios in the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast

Spring 2013 – Local Football Ball Sponsorship
We were approached by 2 local football clubs asking us to sponsor a ball.

Local Education Sponsorship
We provide free of cost hosting for any school located in the Carrickfergus Borough in Northern Ireland (our local area) and we provide heavily discounted hosting for any other school through the UK and Ireland.  Thousands of A Level and GCSE Students have their websites hosted on servers provided free of cost (Carrickfergus) or at discounted rates (elsewhere).

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