The UK Registry today are launching the new shorter .uk extension.

The UK Registry today are launching the new...

The UK Registry today are launching the new shorter .uk extension.

“The new .uk domain is a shorter and sharper and puts the emphasis firmly on your website name – exactly where it should be. It is the newest product in the UK Domain Family and is at the forefront of the online revolution, offering an exciting new territory for online pioneers to make their own.”

The BIG news today is if you already own a domain name such as a domain extension you automatically get first rights to the new shorter .uk domain extension from today (some exceptions so check the rights lookup from the web address below). You can check who has the rights to buy the new extension by reading this official page and following this link:­existing­customer

If you are interested in securing your .uk domain extension just open a live chat to our sales team and we will be glad to help you process the order.

Some Important Notes

The registry will accept ALL registrations. For example we just tried to register knowing full well we had no rights to this domain name as has been registered for many years and is owned by someone else. The registry allowed us to process and pay for this order. We entered OUR company details into the order form and proceeded to pay. The order completed. Five minutes later we received an email telling us our money was refunded as we had no legal rights to register this domain.

If the rights lookup tool shows that you have the right to register this new domain name it is vital that the who is information matches 100% the current who is details as shown on Nominet Who Is Pages. If you have a slight variation in this the registration will fail.

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