Managed R1Soft Enterprise Backups

Managed R1Soft Enterprise Backups

We are R1Soft Partners and are proud to recommend their Enterprise Backup Product to all our clients.  Whether you host with us our not we sell Managed Backup Solutions powered by R1Soft.

We work with clients of any self managed VPS or Server Provider including but not exclusive to:

Heart Internet
Digital Ocean

We also work with clients of any managed service provider who simply want the peace of mind of an additional set of backups stored to a third party location.

Think of our R1Soft Managed Backups provided by BWF as your Insurance Policy for your Data!  Should your self managed server with another provider fail your data will be backed up to our backup servers and we can work with you to help you restore your data.  Our backup servers are located in the ISO27001 secure IOMART facility in Maidenhead, Berkshire and are all RAID10 protected for additional data security.**

Prices start from just £7 (+VAT if applicable) per month and we include the following in the cost:

Initial Setup and Testing
We will set up your backups and test they work.  We’ll work with you to determine the backup schedule that works best for your server as well as discuss what data retention policy you want to have setup.  

Your Own Logins for R1Soft Backup Manager
We will provided you with your own secure logins for your backup server where you can restore files and databases using the R1Soft GUI.  It also allows you to check that your server is backing up as per your schedule.

Monthly Visual Check of Backups
As with all our backups a member of our team will log into the backup server once per month and visually check the backups are still working.  We’ll reach out to you if there are any issues and we will work to fix any issues with the backups.

Three Hours of Disaster Recovery Technician Time
We appreciate how difficult things can be should your server fail and should you need a restore.  We will not leave you alone in a crisis.  As a courtesy should you need a complete server restore our technical team will work with you free of cost for up to 3 hours to help you restore your server and get your accounts back on line.  This is why we call it your backup insurance policy.  Other companies may charge up to $100 per hour for Linux technician time on self managed servers, we provided you with help when you need it with no delay.

Discounted Linux Admin Time
Should your disaster recovery restore look like it may take more than your ‘free’ 3 hours we will offer our technicians to you for £25 + VAT per hour to get you back on line.

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**All services are provided on a best effort basis.  Our technical team are very experienced and we work with all providers however our restore promise is not guaranteed as sometimes unforeseen circumstances come into play.  It’s true to say that in virtually all cases we will be able to restore your data but you should not rely on us solely as being the only copy of your data.

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