Direct End User Support for Clients

Direct End User Support for Clients

Are you a BigWetFish client with either a reseller account, VPS server or Dedicated server? If so this new service we are offering could be just what you are looking for. If you want to remove the burden of supporting some or all of your clients directly then read on and we may have the affordable support plan you have been waiting for.

So sit back, grab a book and chill out knowing that our technicians are looking after your clients support needs!

This service is only for clients of BigWetFish Hosting servers. If you host elsewhere and are reading this why not talk to us today about moving to us – we offer a free migration service as well.

Our reseller and VPS plans are designed to host multiple websites for a much cheaper cost than hosting them as separate shared hosting accounts.

Take a look at this example.
A Reseller allowing 40 sites to be hosted costs :   £18.99 per month
A Private VPS capable of hosting 40 sites costs:  £64.99 per month
40 Lite Plans costs: £179.60 per month

When a client takes a reseller account or a VPS Server and where that client resells the space to other people (their clients) we ask the reseller to take the burden for support. Simple things like email password issues, basic ftp troubleshooting, help with uploading etc all fall to the reseller to support and we are here to help the reseller with any more complex issues. At the moment we will only help our client (the reseller or VPS client) and where a client of our client asks for assistance we will not assist that person directly at the moment.

This model works well for many clients. We give service at a great discount and the reseller handles the routine day to day support tasks.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer ‘End User Support’ to clients of our reseller and VPS plans for a small additional fee. This service is completely optional and there is no change to how we have always done support.

This new product is being introduced to meet an identified need where some resellers have been asking us to support their clients directly.

Direct support for up to 3 clients (domains) :       £3 + VAT monthly*
Direct support for up to 7 clients (domains):        £6 + VAT monthly*
Direct support for up to 12 clients (domains):      £9 + VAT monthly*
Direct support for up to 18 clients:                       £12 + VAT monthly*
Direct support for up to 25 clients:                       £15 + VAT monthly*
Direct support for up to 50 clients:                       £25 + VAT monthly*

*A generous fair use policy applies and is available on request from the sales team & on our terms of service page.

Support will be provided by the helpdesk for these clients and the procedure for signing up is as follows:

  • Our client contacts our sales team and chooses a plan
  • Our client gives us the list of domains we should provide support to directly
  • Our client gives us the domain name, name and email address of the clients they wish us to support directly
  • We set up ‘support only’ client areas for these people
  • Your clients can then open tickets on our helpdesk to get support

Website owners who you have pre-approved for support can then contact us directly by opening a helpdesk ticket. Our technicians will respond to these support tickets just as if our client was contacting us directly. The same high level of support will be available to your clients direct from our Level 3 support team.

Some Points to Note:
It is important our clients inform us promptly of any changes as we need to make sure we note the account appropriately. This is ultimately for the security of your account.

Support will be provided on the same best effort basis we have always provided for support.

We will greet your clients with the name ‘BigWetFish’ – we fully appreciate that some clients prefer their clients not to know they resell our services and if that is the case this service may not be for you.

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