Client Area Two Factor Authentication

Client Area Two Factor Authentication

unnamedTwo Factor Authentication is an additional security step you can use when logging into your client area at Big Wet Fish. Once you set this up on your Smart Phone you not only need your Client Area Password but you will also need your Smart Phone running the Google Authenticator App to give you your second level password. This second level password changes every 30 seconds so we recommend you wait until it just changes before entering the 6 digit code.

Why is this Important?

We hear daily of websites being compromised and passwords being leaked. If you use the same password for multiple websites (something you should never do) then a hacker could use this password to gain access to your Big Wet Fish Account. Let’s say your email account gets compromised at Hotmail. The hacker logs in and sees you host with BWF.  The hacker can then use your email account to request a password reset and proceed to cancel your web hosting accounts and delete your data.  With 2FA this is impossible as the hacker would need your Mobile Phone to get the second level password before they can log in.

How to Set Up Two Factor Auth

All you need is a smartphone capable of downloading the Google Authenticator Application. You can download it using the links below.

Android: Here
iOS: Here

When you first launch the Google Authenticator app you will be guided through the process of adding sites by scanning a QR code.
Once you’ve enabled Two Factor Auth you’ll have to use a 6 digit code on that device each time you want to log in.

To enable it from the client area you’ll first have to log in as you normally would, then navigate to ‘Account’ -> ‘Security Settings’

Account -> Security Settings

Follow the prompts to set up 2FA

Follow the prompts to set up 2FA

Scan the QR code with your phone/tablet using the Google Authenticator app

Scan the QR code with your phone/tablet using the Google Authenticator app

Always keep a copy of your backup code!

Always keep a copy of your backup code!

What if I lose/break my phone?

When you set up 2FA for the first time the in client area you’ll be given a ‘backup code’ allowing you to bypass the App and log into your client area to re-set or remove Two Factor Authorisation from your account. Alternatively please open a support ticket from your registered email address and we’ll assist you.

How to Log In

When you’ve got Two Factor Authentication enabled you’ll need to use your phone/tablet to log in each time. After entering your password you’ll be prompted to enter your 2nd Factor code. Once that is verified you’ll be logged in as normal.


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