cPanel University Certifications

cPanel University Certifications

Are you good enough to pass the test?

image00cPanel is our Control Panel of choice for our Shared Hosting. Multi Site Hosting (reseller) and for our Managed Server Offerings. Our staff are experts in the use of cPanel and many of our clients are experts too being resellers of hosting through our Managed Servers.

The cPanel University exists to help users of cPanel and Web Hosting Professionals show and prove they have the skills required to initially sell and manage a cPanel server.

Although we know cPanel inside out and we’re confident in our ability having certifications will be good for us to show our new clients that we have what is takes to be trusted to manage their website hosting for them. We hope that by reviewing our ‘wrong answers’ will allow us to learn more from each exam we take and this knowledge will be shared among the team.

Some of our staff have completed the Legacy Certifications as individuals a few years ago. These certificates are out of date and it’s important they get re-certified so we can continue to say ‘Our Staff are cPanel Certified’. For this reason in 2017 we’ll be beginning the process to getting 100% of our staff at least one cPanel certification exam completed. More experienced System Admins and Staff will of course complete the more technical certifications as well.

Will you join us?
We’re hundreds of resellers and managed server clients who sell web hosting to their clients. Why not register for cPanel University and start the process of you too being able to prove to your clients that you have what it takes to sell and manage cPanel servers.

There’s something for everyone at cPanel and some of their certifications are listed here (information taken from the cPanel University website):

image02cPanel and WHM Sales Certification
The cPU Sales exams cover the features, benefits, and technical usage of cPanel & WHM. Proving you have what it takes to help sell your next cPanel & WHM server, Cloud instance, or VPS servers.

cPanel Professional Certification (cPC)
The cPanel Professional Certification is the first step in cPanel & WHM certification. It is designed to test your understanding of internet technologies and cPanel interface administration.

cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification (CWA)
The cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification tests your knowledge on service administration ranging from Webstack setup, Email troubleshooting, custom DNS configurations, to administrating SQL engines through WHM.

cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator I Certification (CWSA-I)
The cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator I Exam requires an indepth knowledge of managing a cPanel & WHM server from the command line. You will show your abilities utilizing our provided scripts, troubleshooting common issues, and safely making decisions that effect an entire server.

cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator II Certification (CWSA-II)
The Veteran Technical Exam requires an array of expertise to complete. You will be required to prove your understanding of cPanel inside and out with the skills to conquer most issues.

It’s no walk in the park it’s a 26 mile marathon – According to cPanel University Website in January 2017 so far 14986 exams have been taken and 5078 have been passed with 9908 not passed!


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