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A 12 Hour Shift in our Support Office Part 2 – 9.30am – 11.30am

BWF Hosting
A 12 Hour Shift in our Support Office Part 2...

Our Managing Director is speaking tomorrow in a local Secondary School about what we do as a company.  As part of that preparation we wanted to give the students a flavour of what happens on a daily basis in our Support Office by documenting a typical day here.

The issues below are only a selection of the issues handled in this 2 hour period but it will give you a flavour of what we do in our jobs daily.

Part Two:  9.30am – 11.30am:  It starts to get busy as clients arrive at work

9.32am Support Ticket Spam Experts Setup
We bundle Spam Experts included in the price of all shared and muilti site hosting plans currently advertised on our website.  A client who was on legacy pricing upgraded his plan to the current one and asked us to install Spam Experts mail filtering on every domain.  This is a task that will take a few hours and has been assigned to a junior level 1 technician.

9.33am Support Ticket WordPress website not loading in one location
A client who came to us last night saying his website was not working came back to us this morning saying it still was offline.  It works for us and around the world as well on various proxy servers.  We suspect the client may have additional WordPress Security installed on his website so are awaiting permission to log into the back end of the website to see if any WordPress security plugin is blocking access to this client’s IP address.

9.42am Live Chat Email not Working
A client came on live chat to report her emails were not working.  We confirmed everything was fine on the server and we asked the client to log into webmail to confirm the client had the correct password.  When the client confirmed this we knew the issue was not an issue on our servers but was an issue with the settings on her local machine.  We determined what operating system the client was using and we talked the client through the setup. 28 minutes later and the client confirmed her email was now working again (always a great feeling when we have been able to solve an issue).  Client is happy and can now use her emails properly.

9.50am Support Ticket Email Issues Resolved!
The client who reported issues earlier and who we discovered had an extra character in their IMAP and SMTP email addresses came back to us and thanked us for our help and confirmed the email was not working!  Yay!  It’s always great to get feedback on support tickets.

9.54am Support Ticket Spam, Spam and more Spam
A client reached out to us to report that they were receiving a lot of stupid and rude spam emails.  We investigated this and discovered their website had a contact form without any Captcha (the extra field where you need to click pictures of store fronts to prove you are human).  We looked at server logs and discovered bots were completing the contact form and the emails were getting through due to no Captcha.  We recommended the client add Captcha to their contact form to ensure only humans are able to use it to send emails.  We’ll help the client if they do not have a web developer to implement this for a small fee.

9.57am Support Ticket SSL Website
A client bought a new hosting account a few days ago and moved their website from another provider.  They noticed that Google Chrome was showing their website as not secure despite an SSL Certificate being installed.  We helped the user set a redirect from http:// to https:// so that every user visiting the website would be directed to a secure page.  We also helped the user run their website through a website called ‘Why No Padlock’ to ensure all links were secure.  We confirmed from a private browser window that the website now loaded securely using https:// at all times and we checked all links.

9.59am Support Ticket Single Account Server Order
A client just bought a Single Account Server.  We confirmed the order and a member of our team have started work on setting it up.  Although we have a template to do 90% of the setup we still need to log in and set up managed backups as well as set up the custom name servers for this new client.  cPanel was licensed and the server will shortly be handed over to the client where we will offer help with migrating their website over to our network.

10.12am Support Ticket CSR for new SSL Certificate
A managed server client who runs a financial website has a requirement that their client supplies the SSL certificate.  This client needed help generating a CSR so that their client could pass this along to an SSL supplier to have a new SSL Certificate issued.  We helped the client generate a CSR.

10.18am Support Ticket New Client and Migration
A marketing agency who refer their clients onto us opened a support ticket asking us to help them set up a new hosting account for their client and also to help them move the data from the current hosting provider.  We assisted the client to achieve this.

10.29am Support Ticket Email Failed Delivery Issue
A client had a failed delivery issue with an email she was sending.  We confirmed via the website that the email address they were sending to was not a valid email address and advised the client to try to contact the recipient by another means and confirm the spelling of the email address as it was not showing as a valid email address.

10.42am Support Ticket Managed Server Questions
A client who recently purchased a new server from us asked us to tweak her backups as she has a specific need as a company to keep 7 daily backup archives, 3 weekly backup archive and 2 monthly backup archives.  Our senior system admins are currently working with this client to determine the best way to achieve this backup aim and we’ll implement it shortly.  We will give the client various options including third party backup scripts and our internal backup software written for us.

10.42am Live Chat Question about hosting a domain bought elsewhere
A client came on chat and he had a domain and email service hosted with a competitor.  He wanted to keep his email where it was and just host his website on our network.  We took the client through the DNS changes he needed to make (A Record Change) to point the domain to our network for his website but keep the emails unchanged.  We advised the client to contact us if he needed any more help making the change by opening a support ticket and providing logins to where his domain was registered.

10.54am Server Monitoring Apache Down on One Server
We monitor all servers on our network at we got an alert that apache was down on a managed VPS belonging to a client.  All server down issues get bumped to the top of the queue automatically. We logged into the server and restarted the Apache service so websites started loading again. The alert telling us the server was up again came after 45 seconds.  The client likely did not notice this blip in performance.  Nothing in the server logs told us what happened so we will monitor this throughout the rest of the day and escalate it to a Level 2 or Level 3 staff member if it happens again.

10.56am Support Ticket Email Password Reset
A reseller opened a support ticket asking us to reset the password on an email account.  Although a reseller could likely reset this password themselves in a much quicker time that it takes them to open a support ticket we regularly get requests like this.  As a fully managed provider we will action these requests without question but sometimes we point out that it took x minutes to get this done via a support ticket but they could do it themselves in 30 seconds via their reseller portal.  Of course there could be good reasons for these tickets too such as the client not being at their desk and opening the ticket from a mobile device.

11.06am Support Ticket Failed Database Restore
A dedicated server client whose backups are provided via the R1Soft Product is getting a database restore failed error message when they are trying to restore a database from backup for one of their website. Our Level 3 team are working on this now.

11.24am Support Ticket SSL Certificate Installation
We provide free SSL Certificates with all hosting accounts from Let’s Encrypt.  These are issued once per day overnight.  A client had just created a new hosting account on his managed server and needed the SSL manually issued as he could not wait until the overnight cron job ran.  We confirmed the domain was pointing to the server (a requirement for domain validation for free SSLs) and then we installed it.

11.29am Live Chat Four Domain Transfers
A client came on chat as he had transferred 4 domains into us over the weekend from another supplier.  Three of the domains had transferred successfully and were showing as active in his client area yet the fourth domain was still showing as Pending Transfer status.  We helped the client troubleshoot this and advised him on that to do next.


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