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BWF Security Pack Powered by Atomic Corp

BWF Security Pack Powered by Atomic Corp

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with the good folks at Atomicorp and we are rolling out enhanced security to all our shared, reseller and business servers.

Selling shared hosting brings its own problems with clients installing scripts and not being pro active in updating these scripts.

One such example is WordPress. In the past few months we have seen significant spam originating from WordPress due to known vulnerabilities with Rev Slider, Gravity Forms to name but a few and our partnership with Atomicorp will undoubtedly help to significantly reduce this problem.

Here’s why:

Who are AtomiCorp?

Atomicorp is part of the Prometheus Global family, a leading cyber security consulting firm. Atomicorp includes GotRoot labs, which was formed in 1998 by the founders of Atomicorp.

The founders of Atomicorp are industry recognized experts in the field of cyber security and prior to forming Atomicorp, were co-founders of Plesk.

What benefits does this partnership bring to BWF clients?

There are too many features of this product to list so we recommend you visit this page to read detailed information on the product here.

In summary though the main benefits we see Big Wet Fish clients gaining from this product are:

Atomicorp Enhanced Mod Security Rules
Mod Security is a web application firewall that is a free product that anyone can install and use. However, ASL brings enhanced mod security rules that are updated in real time should threats be discovered. Mod Security will block threats to the server in real time and the software provides a web based panel where you can see what it has blocked.

Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
This product replaces the CSF firewall on our servers and is highly effective at shunning or blocking intrusion attempts. Each action on the firewall is given a threat level and anything above 4 will result in the attacker being shunned. Anything over 8 is an instant block. Shunning is temporary and blocking is permanent (until manual intervention by staff).

Atomicorp ClamAV Rules
Clam Anti Virus software is a free product that anyone can install. However, ASL bring enhanced Virus Definitions to the software that are updated daily. In scans of our shared servers we have found the ASL ClamAV rules detect significantly more malware than the free ClamAV rules detect. The product is impressive.

Brute Force Attack Detection and Prevention
The software will detect and block ‘low and slow’ attacks on the systems daemons including ssh, mysql, ftp, mail servers, control panels etc.

Web Application Firewall
Application layer firewall using the industry leading GotRoot Real Time ModSecurity rules created by Atomciorp and optimized for web hosting environments. Protects against cross site scripting, SQL injection, remote code inclusion, directory recursion and many many other web based attacks. Plus, it intelligently detects search engines to prevent accidental blocking of webcrawlers.

What servers is this new product included on?

We are rolling this product out to all our Shared, Reseller and Business servers and this will be completed by the end of May 2015.

We are offering this product at a discounted price to our existing VPS clients to help give them the additional protection that ASL provides.

Our managed VPS server offerings are being refreshed shortly to include ASL – Atomic Secured Linux as standard to ensure clients get protected from the moment they take delivery of their managed server.

I have servers elsewhere – can I buy a license?
Yes you can that is no problem at all. Just contact our sales team.

You’ll be hearing a lot about this product in the coming weeks. We’re excited about this partnership with Atomicorp and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

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