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BWF Security Pack

BWF Security Pack

Introducing the BWF Security Pack

Why Website Security?

High profile attacks get big headlines—meanwhile millions of small businesses are targeted each year. Hackers attack small businesses for the same reason they began attacking PCs a decade earlier: the numbers are huge and the security is negligible. Hackers do not discriminate in these attacks. They do not consult the Yellow Pages when choosing targets. They simply wield code designed to find, attack and corrupt vulnerable websites.

Big and small businesses are equally at risk, along with non-profits, charities and bloggers. In fact, the vast majority of business websites that get hacked belong to small businesses, not Fortune 500 companies or powerhouse ecommerce vendors. Despite this, many small business owners think it won’t happen to them. To a criminal hacker, each and every website is a potential money-maker.

What Protection is out there?

There are a number of vendors who supply website security products.  Here at BigWetFish we are pleased to announce our new BWF Security Pack in partnership with 6Scan.  The BWF Security Pack is the world’s first website security suite that scans and automatically fixes security vulnerabilities in real time. It is designed for small businesses, bloggers and website owners who lack IT resources but still need to secure their website to protect their visitors, brands and revenue streams.

This cloud-based scanner detects known vulnerabilities and mimics commands used in hostile attacks to scour websites for holes, and displays those issues on an easy-to-understand dashboard.

The patent-pending technology then automatically fixes those issues within seconds, leaving hackers with nothing to attack. The pack is also specifically engineered not to affect your site’s performance or interfere with your site’s legitimate users. Our dashboard is specifically designed to convey your security status in a clear and simple manner, so that even non-experts can understand the situation.


[pricing_box title=”Vulnerability Patching” price=”FREE”]

  • FREE and available to all clients
  • Basic Quarterly Protection for Vulnerable Code
  • Quarterly Security Scan
  • Unlimited vulnerability protection


[pricing_box title=”Professional Plan” pricecurrency=”$” price=”2.99 ” pricetext=” / Month ” ]

  • Low cost security to lean your site and secure it against attacks
  • Web Application Firewall included
  • Daily Security Scan
  • Unlimited Malware Quarantine
  • Unlimited Vulnerability Repair
  • Security Seal


[pricing_box title=”Enterprise Plan” pricecurrency=”$” price=”9.99 ” pricetext=” / Month ” ]

  • Premium security to clean and monitor your site whilst security it against attacks
  • Web Application Firewall included
  • Daily Security Scan
  • Unlimited Malware Quarantine
  • Unlimited Vulnerability Repair
  • Unlimited Malware Quarantine
  • Security Seal
  • Blacklist Monitoring Included


Summary of Services

  • All of our clients now receive free Quarterly scanning of their sites
  • All customers receive free Vulnerability Patching of their sites. (Proactively fix Vulnerabilities to keep sites from being compromised!)
  • Customers can upgrade to higher scanning frequency/Vulnerability Patching, or to 6Scan Professional (which includes automatic Malware protection, WAF, and more).

How to get started on the FREE! Plan

There’s no catch and it’s easy to get started.

  • Log into cPanel
  • Click ‘6Scan Website Security’ icon in the Security Section
  • Click on ‘Dashboard’
  • Under ‘What’s Next’ click on ‘Continue’ to set up the free scanning
  • Under the ‘Free’ heading click on ‘Select’ & Follow through the procedure to give 6Scan your information

You will then need to add your FTP credentials into the 6Scan Dashboard to take advantage of this service.  This service will scan your site every quarter for security vulnerabilities and active Malware.  Whenever security vulnerabilities are found in your site (or within Plug-ins), those vulnerabilities will automatically be patched so that they cannot be used to compromise your site.  For those site owners looking for a more comprehensive solution that provides daily scans, automated fixes for vulnerabilities AND Malware, and a Web Application Firewall, you can upgrade to 6Scan Professional for just $2.99/month!”

*Please note billing for this product will be handled by 6Scan and when you buy the service payments are made to them.

Here is some information on the features:

icon_researchDual Scan
6Scan’s patent pending Dual Scan approach detects active malware infections and vulnerabilities that could make your site a target for future attacks. This proactive free service works seamlessly in the background to maintain website security.

6Scan includes a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that uses pattern matching to block out even more security threats For the advanced user, our application firewall is completely configurable so you can choose the level of security you desire for your site.

Receive email or SMS messages with scan results. If an issue is found, 6Scan can send a message with details on how the problem was fixed.

When Dual Scan technology discovers an issue, our Auto-Fix solution acts immediately to resolve the problem. With 6Scan installed there is no need to worry about the time, effort or expense required to secure your website and protect your reputation.

icon_partnerCutting Edge Research
The 6Scan research team works around the clock to find undocumented vulnerabilities. The moment a vulnerability is discovered, our Dual Scan and Auto-Fix features update automatically to proactively protect 6Scan customers from emerging threats.

icon_protectSecurity Badge
Adding our 6Scan security badge to your website can increase visitor confidence and clickthrough.

icon_oneclickOne Click Installation
Don’t know much about website security? 6Scan does, and we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to secure your website immediately with our simple installation process.

icon_blacklistBlacklist Monitoring
6Scan monitors top blacklists to ensure your site maintains a clean reputation.


BWF are offering this expect security service at a discounted cost to clients and have used our relative size and business growth projections to secure a great discount on this product for our clients.

Compare 6Scan retail pricing on  and you can see we are offering the Professional Plan at a significant discount compared to the retail cost on their website.  Whilst 6Scan pay us a very small commission for anyone who signs up for this service the benefits of our clients in having a more secure hosting experience makes this discounted product worth it.

The free scanning is quarterly.  Whilst this is a decent start at a free product we would strongly recommend clients pay for the upgraded professional service for daily protection.