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Sometimes we need to recommend that clients contact Nominet or advise them to log into their Nominet Account.  Nominet put in simple terms are the UK Domain Names Controlling body and they are responsible for issuing all .UK domain names including .co.uk, .org.uk and just .uk.  Of course they do a lot more than this and you can read about this on their website but for our clients they only need to be concerned about using Nominet to manage their domain names.

Your Nominet Account
When you register a UK domain name your personal details are passed across to Nominet and they will add these details to their internal databases.  Our privacy policy will shortly be updated to reflect this to comply with GDPR.  You also get a Nominet Account when you register a UK domain name.  Many people never need to log into your Nominet Account but we always recommend you take a look after you register a UK domain.  All your UK domains that are registered to your email address will appear in your Nominet Account.

Click here to obtain your first time password for your Nominet Account

WHO IS Opt Out and Nominet
To date we have not received any information about how this will change post GDPR but at the moment only a UK Individual can opt out of the WHO IS database.  You can check your entry on the Nominet WHO IS database here and if you need to Opt Out you can do that within your Nominet Account.  If you are a business then Nominet Rules do not allow you to opt out of the WHO IS database and your details must remain visible.  If you are a trader who opts out you risk domain suspension.

Changing Registrant Name / Address
Nominet allow you to change your address and email address within your Nominet Account but if you need to change the Registrant Name (eg you want to give your domain name to another person) then there is an admin charge.

.UK Transfers
Nominet Transfers are instant and take place immediately after you change the TAG.  TAG changes should be free (we don’t charge) and if your provider is charging for this in our opinion you are being ripped off as it’s a 30 second job.  It’s important to remember that changing the TAG and transferring a domain from one provider to another will not change any of your WHO IS data so if Joe Bloggs owns the domain before the TAG change then Joe Bloggs will own the domain after the TAG change.  You’d need to ask Joe to log into his Nominet Account and pay the fee to change the owner.

Changing the Domain TAG
Changing the Domain Tag can be done in your Nominet Panel but we do not recommend that as they charge.  If your domain is with us and you need the TAG changed then ask us and we can do it free of charge.  If you are looking to move a domain into us and are having trouble getting your existing domain supplier to change the TAG then you can go over their head to Nominet and pay their small admin fee.


We’re a friendly bunch over at Big Wet Fish Hosting so please do reach out to us if you have any questions at all about your domain names and we will be more than happy to help.

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