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Dedicated Server Offers November 2018

BWF Hosting
Dedicated Server Offers November 2018

What is a Bare Metal Dedicated Server

A Bare Metal Dedicated Server is a server that is used exclusively by you!  It resides in its own slot on our data centre racks and you have access to 100% of the CPU, Disk I/O as well as the speed of a gigE network Port.

Why Upgrade from VPS / Cloud
You get access to all CPU Cores completely and are not sharing vCPU (Virtual CPU Cores) with anyone else on the same node.  This results in greater compute power for your website.  You also get significantly greater RAM available as well as larger disk capacity.

Black Friday Offers
The following special offers are available from now until the midnight on Cyber Monday (26 November 2018) and are on a first come first served basis.  Don’t worry if the server you want is sold out we will do our best to get you an equivalent server at the same cost (may have a slightly different CPU but the benchmark will be roughly equivalent).  All prices exclude VAT (if applicable)

All servers below are provisioned on a gigE network port in the UK and have unmetered bandwidth (300mbps guaranteed / 1gbps burst).

CPU RAM Disk RAID Cost p/m
E3-1230 v2 32GB 2 x 250GB SSD + 2 x 2TB SATA 1 £49.99
E5-2430 v2 64GB 2 x 2TB SATA 1 £54.99
E3-1271 v3 32GB 2 x 2TB SATA 1 £74.99
E3-1270 v3 32GB 2 x 250GB SSD + 2 x 2TB SATA 1 £79.99
2 x E5-2609 v2 64GB 2 x 2TB SATA 1 £84.99
2 x E5-2430 64GB 2 x 250GB SSD + 2 x 2TB SATA 1 £89.99
E3-1270 v5 48GB 4 x 256GB SSD 10 £109.99
E5-2640 v3 128GB 2 x 512GB SSD + 2 x 2TB SATA 1 £119.99

cPanel License:  £17.50 + VAT per month
Management Bolt On: £30 + VAT per month (ask for details)
Remote Backup Bolt On: £20 + VAT per month (1TB Backup Space)

Open a live chat (bottom right) and our team can take care of you if you want to buy one of these servers.

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