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FREE Managed Account Migration Service

FREE Managed Account Migration Service

Our Managed Migration Service makes it easy to move your hosting and email to us

We love it when clients take that step to move their web hosting over to our network and we know you will never take that decision lightly. We wanted to assure you that when you move to us we will fully manage your data migration into our network for you and ensure on a best effort basis that your websites work as they did on the old server.


Here’s what you can expect when you reach out to us for a data migration::

  • A professional team who will handle your migration. Once you sign up and agree a changeover we will work with you to ensure a smooth migration;
  • We’ll check your sites and make any recommendations on best practice to ensure a smooth migration. If you are moving from a VPS / Dedicated Server to a VPS / Dedicated Server we will ensure php, mysql etc is configured in the same way across both servers. If you are moving from shared or reseller hosting to shared or reseller hosting we will check your current sites and move you to the most similar server on our network to ensure least issues;
  • We will work to your time scale. If you need the migration to happen at a certain time we will work to ensure that happens;
  • We’ll plan the migration to ensure the least possible downtime for your clients and we’ll explain our logic in plain english;
  • We’ll test a percentage of your websites (or all if only a few) using a local hosts file edit as they copy across to ensure the least issues when you finally switch your DNS.
  • We’ll help you migrate your emails on a best effort basis (accounts with a large number of email addresses may incur an additional charge – details below)
  • We’ll provide up to 3 complimentary Teamviewer Support sessions of 30 minutes each to help you reconfigure your emails following migration (of course webmail is available immediately so your email will never be down!)
  • Full support to handle any website errors that are not detected at time of migration (usually simple things that we can fix quickly like php.ini tweaks etc)

What does it cost?

We try to keep data migration into us free of cost for the majority of clients

Sometimes where the technician time needed to complete the migration is more than average we may need to levy a small charge but we will always agree this in advance with you and explain to you why. cPanel to cPanel migrations are always free of charge. Where your current hosting provider does not use cPanel then the migration is a manual one. We need to backup the databases and the web files and restore them manually.

Email migrations can be a little more complex. We need to use a process called ‘IMAP Sync’ to copy these emails and this can be a labour intensive process. Again we’ll always try to do this free of cost but where clients have many email accounts we may need to levy a small charge. As with the websites we will always agree this with you in advance.

What if it doesn’t work out?

It’s rare that a client needs to leave us or that a client moving into us finds their website does not work. If for any reason your new hosting account does not work out we will give you a 100% immediate refund with no questions asked and absolutely never any hard feelings. This promise is available within the first 28 days following migration.

Double Pay – NO WAY!

We understand moving to us will mean you may need to have 2 hosting accounts for a short period of time. For this reason we will credit your account with up to 14 days of free time once your migration completes to compensate you for having to pay for our service and the service you are leaving. To get your free time following a successful migration just pop a helpdesk ticket in and our accounting team will add 14 days credit.

How do I get started?

Easy! Talk to our friendly sales team today and we can help you get started. Just visit our website: and click the live chat option at the bottom right and ask to speak to someone in the sales team.

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