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GDPR and our Marketing Mailing List – what’s changing?

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GDPR and our Marketing Mailing List –...

GDPR – General Data Protection regulations is coming into force on 25 May 2018 and applies to all businesses doing business in or with a person in the EU. We will be posting a number of short blog posts over the next two weeks offering advice on what you need to be doing as a business to get ready for GDPR.   This article is about our Marketing Mailing List and the information we are applying to our Mailing List for Marketing will equally apply to your Mailing List if you are a small business.

What happens now pre GDPR?
Pre GDPR we added ALL clients to our mailing list upon sign up as a client. Every marketing email we sent to clients had a one click link inviting them to unsubscribe if they no longer wished to receive regular marketing emails from us.

What will happen post GDPR?
We can no longer assume that any client wishes to receive marketing emails from us.  We therefore require clients to opt in to receive marketing emails (even if we have been emailing them for years and they never opted out).  What will happen next week is every client who is currently on our mailing list will receive an email with a link inviting them to re-register their details to be on our email mailing list.  If a client does not do this before GDPR Day on 25 May they will stop receiving email marketing emails from us.

What about non Marketing Emails?
We will continue to send Network Maintenance Notices, Server Maintenance Notices or Critical Security Alert Notices to all active clients post GDPR as these are necessary for the efficient running of your account.  And emails such as password changes, invoice emails will always be sent to active clients.  We will ensure that none of these emails are of a marketing nature.  Our privacy policy will be updated to reflect this policy.

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