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GoDaddy Acquires Media Temple

GoDaddy Acquires Media Temple

Some thoughts on the acquisition of (MT) Media Temple by GoDaddy by our CEO Stephen K.

Well that was an interesting 120 minutes.  It’s now 7.10pm here in Belfast and I find myself back in the office having been sitting in traffic seeing Twitter going crazy and my poor iPhone battery dropping 1% per minute trying to keep up!  It was quicker to drive back to the office in Rush Hour than drive home!  Something big must have happened to make me miss my dinner..

I have always personally looked up to (MT) Media Temple and in the past  I secretly wished I owned a Media Temple t-shirt if truth be told – I’m sure many people would be offering to send me theirs right now as (MT) suffer a huge social media backlash.  The volume of tweets is tremendous just now.  If you use Tweetdeck like I do add a search column for ‘mediatemple’ and try to keep up – it’s worse than trying to follow xFactor on a Saturday night in the UK!

Why did I look up to (MT) Media Temple.  Their Twitter support team rocked and we aspire to someday offer as comprehensive support via Social Channels as we currently do via our live chat and our helpdesk.  Our social media support is great but (MT)s was out of this world and this has made us more determined to improve daily.   Our amazing focus on customer service, helping clients and offering our clients awesome support is what I truly believes makes us a lot like (MT) Media Temple.

Of course (MT) Media Temple are at pains to stress that nothing has changed and I guess only time will tell how true that is.  I have zero personal experience of GoDaddy apart from one client who took days to have them help him change a UK domain Tag. Therefore it would be unfair to make any comment about the reputation of GoDaddy based on my one  experience of their support team; where it is likely the support rep was USA based; and simply did not understand the way the UK domain registry worked.

Who are BigWetFish?

If you want to know who we are just ask some of our Twitter followers for a recommendation.  Or open a live chat on our website, ask for sales and we can provide some testimonials that you can follow up and check at your leisure.

Established in 2002 we are a professional hosting company providing quality services for all our customers. Whether you need an account for your personal website, blog or a large scalable dedicated server solution for your small business then you have come to the right place! We provide hosting accounts, reseller accounts, VPS and Dedicated Servers as well as competitively priced domain names. Let us know and we can discuss your requirements. We truly believe that the personal service and care we offer makes us stand out from the crowd.

Partner with us for your Fully Managed VPS Server and we know you will not be disappointed.

Why Us?

  • UK Registered Company (Reg Number NI616536)
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  • BWFMonitor Graphing Portal INCLUDED
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  • Migration from your current host INCLUDED
  • Powerful Servers (Dual E5 CPU with SSD Disk arrays)
  • gigE network ports
  • Servers deployed SECURED and READY FOR USE

Check out some additional details on what comes at NO ADDITIONAL COST with our FULLY MANAGED servers

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Take 4 weeks free on any server from us with no payment details up front and absolutely no obligation. Once your 4 weeks are over we will give you 15% recurring discount for life off the current plan you are on and any upgrades moving forward.  We will even help you migrate your data to us although we find if you have the skills to self manage a server you sometimes prefer to set it up your way but we are here if you need help.   This will allow you sufficient time to test us out and to see if our servers meet your needs.  Our newest servers have Dual E5 CPUs, SSD Disk Arrays and gigE network ports ready and waiting for your data!  If you want this trial with discount  just come on our website and open a live chat and ask the L3 Engineer who picks up to move your live chat across to sales.

Fully Managed cPanel Servers (UK, Kent or UK, Maidenhead or USA, Florida)

We have hundreds of clients who trust us to manage their servers for them.  We offer a totally comprehensive management service included in the cost of your server including Idera Enterprise Grade CDP backups.  Again take 14 days free  (the trial period allowed by cPanel) on any managed  server and if you pay the cPanel license only after 14 days you can have an extra 30 days free – a total of 45 days server trial.  After that we will offer 15% recurring discount for life off the cost of the server.  As we say in Northern Ireland – ‘It’s a wee bargain!’  (readers elsewhere need to say this with a Belfast accent)

Business Hosting

Of course you may not need a server and you may just need a very robust hosting plan for your business website.  Our Business Grade Hosting could be just what you need.  Starting at £10 per month ($15) and hosted on Dual E5 CPUs (24 powerful CPU cores), SSD disk arrays with gigE networking  (really powerful and fast servers) your website will see a great boost in performance on these servers.  We are pleased to offer a full 30 day trial with free migration if you want to try out our Business Hosting services!  These plans come with a bunch of extras including static IP, EV SSL, Backup Accounts etc.  Talk to us if you do not need the extras and we can come down on price for you 🙂

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