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Importance of Taking Care When Registering UK Domain Names

Importance of Taking Care When Registering...

We wanted to alert our clients to two issues we have had to deal with in the past week with Nominet UK and we wanted to remind all clients of the importance of ensuring when you register a UK domain name that your details are 100% accurate.

logoWho are Nominet?

Nominet are the UK Domain Names umbrella body who manage the registration and administration of all domain names ending in UK.

Issue One: Client reports to us that their website is down.

In this case Nominet had suspended the domain name. The reason Nominet gave was they could not match the registrant details with public data sources so suspended the domain. The client had registered the domain name as a UK Limited Company but the address given was not the same address as registered at Companies House for the domain name. The client needed to update their address details in their Nominet account and contact Nominet again to have the domain checked again.

Issue Two: Client reports to us that their domain name was suspended.

This client was a web design agency. The client did not carefully check the contents of the fields when registering the domain The domain name was registered as a ‘UK Individual’ but the name given in the Registrant field was the Company Name and not the Person’s Name. A UK Individual registration Type needs to be a person and not a company. Nominet suspended the domain name registration as publicly available information could not match the Name to the Address given.

The above two examples are just two such examples we dealt with in the past week. Please take care when registering UK domain names that the data you provide to Nominet is 100% accurate as you run the risk of your domain being suspended if you do not.

Getting a domain name unsuspended requires you to work with Nominet and the longer it takes the longer your website is down.  This is why it’s now so important to ensure when registering a domain name that you are giving Nominet 100% accurate details.

We will always work with clients to the best of our ability who this affects but as it was Nominet and not us who suspended the domain our options are limited until the issue is resolved with Nominet.

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