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Introducing cPanel Version 60

Karl B
Introducing cPanel Version 60


Introducing cPanel version 60
Following on from the release of v58 a few months ago that brought us free Comodo and Let’s Encrypt AutoSSL Certificates in cPanel the good folks at cPanel today have pushed their latest version 60 to ‘release’ stage.  This means unless you have disabled the auto update feature the new version will be hitting your server in the next few days.

This blog post will summarise some of the new features that have been released as part of v60.

Protect your website from one of the most widely exploited exploit vectors with DNSSEC.

SNI support on cPanel services
With SNI support added to all of cPanel’s services, certificate warnings are a thing of the past. cPanel, WHM, webmail and more in version 60 will all use your domain’s installed SSL certificates by default.  This is great news for our clients as it no longer means you need to use the server hostname to gain secure access to Webmail, cPanel or WHM interfaces.  You can now use the AutoSSL feature to install a Domain Validated SSL on your domain and access cPanel services securely direct from your domain name.  This is one of the most asked about features when clients ask about secure access to cPanel services and we’re excited it finally has landed.

25% less memory use, 10 times the speed
Version 60 has reduced memory use by 25% and sped up account functions drastically making every step of your cPanel and WHM experience better.  This is good news for our Managed VPS Clients as your entry level servers will perform better as less RAM is required for cPanel to run allowing more RAM for your websites to use.

Style Management comes to WHM
You’re in control with the new Style Management interface in WHM. Download, upload, and manage all of your Paper Lantern styles directly from WHM.


AutoSSL Activations
Redirects in your .htaccess file? Custom WordPress plugins? No problem. In Version 60, cPanel will now automatically handle redirects that previously blocked Domain Control Validation checks and prevented certificates from being issued.  This should really help us issue Auto SSL certificates first time every time.  In the past few months a number of clients have had their SSL certificates delayed due to this exact issue.  We’re excited for this new feature as it should cut down our support volume for this really frustrating issue.


AutoSSL for mail. Domains
cPanel will now include the mail subdomain automatically on new certificates and update existing AutoSSL provider certificates for all main, parked, and addon domains.  This means you no longer will need to use the server hostname with its SSL installed for secure IMAP, SMTP or POP email.  You will now be able to use mail.<>  for your secure mail servers.  

Emptier Trash Cans
Administrators can now set the host server to automatically flush trash files from users’ File Manager trash cans after a specified number of days. This setting can be accessed in the System section of WHM’s Tweak Settings interface and via UAPI calls.


RBL Performance
Common Mail Providers are now exempt from RBL (Remote Email Blocklists)  checks by default which improves mail performance and ensures your server never blocks mail from Yahoo! and other commonly known providers should they happen to be in an RBL.

Email Enhancements
Suspended incoming email is now rejected at SMTP time, keeping your mail queues clean.

Read the Release Notes here:

Non Geeks
Read the Key Performance Features here:

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