Live Chat Guidelines: What We Can & Can’t Do

Live Chat Guidelines: What We Can &...

As I’m sure many of you are aware we have a live chat feature available on our website. We urge you to read this post before using the live chat as we may require you to open a support ticket to answer your questions.

We would like to outline some guidelines to make you aware of the sort of issues we can help you with via live chat.

A good way of determining whether you should use the live chat or a support ticket is the number of messages you expect to have to send to resolve the issue or answer your queries. We recommend that anything more than around 20 messages back and forth would be answered better using a support ticket.

What we can do for you via live chat

  • Answer general questions about our services, (e.g: Will you migrate my site for me? What port do I use for SSH? What are the nameservers? etc.)
  • Unblock your IP after failed cPanel/WHM login attempts
  • Check your nameservers or A records are set correctly
  • Attempt to fix general script issues such as permissions errors or ‘Internal Server Errors.

Due to multiple security risks and the potential for fraud we require you to open a support ticket from your client area to talk about passwords, billing or any other private information.

As a general rule if what you are asking could compromise the security of your account or is changing something in your account we cannot do it via live chat.  We are aware some other providers have a ‘Live Chat Support Pin’ system in use.  This is something we will keep under review but at this time we do still require you to open a helpdesk ticket from your client area for anything that involves changing your account.  This is ultimately for your security and we ask for understanding if we do ask you to open a helpdesk ticket.

What we cannot do for you via live chat

  • Change your client area password or cPanel password
  • Transfer services to another client’s account
  • Sales or billing related tasks

We hope these guidelines will help you make the most of our live chat feature and more importantly, when it would be better for you to submit a support ticket.

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