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New Website Launched

New Website Launched

bwf-new-siteWe’re pleased to announce the launch of our long awaited new website which has been tweaked to better serve you.. We invite you to visit the website and explore what’s new. As always we are open to feedback so if you see something broken or not working right please reach out to us and we’ll be eternally grateful.

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Here’s a snippet of some of what’s new.

New Logo
Our new logo has actually been doing the rounds for well over a year now but this is the first time it’s been showcased on our website. We hope you like it.

Responsive Design
The website now looks great on computers, laptops and phones alike. Gone are the frustrating days of you trying to open a live chat with our team from your phone whilst on the move. We hope the new mobile experience works really well for you as you log and reply to tickets and open live chats from your mobile devices. Again any suggestions for improvements we are all ears.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 08.06.55New Client Area Landing Page
The new client area landing page is clean and makes it easy to find your products all from one handy screen. Have a look at what you will now see below. We hope this one screen will provide everything you need in one place to manage your account with us.

Website Builder powered by Weebly
We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Weebly to offer all web hosting clients a free 3 page website which you can build in no time using the Weebly website builder product hosted on your own domain name. There is no catch to this and you can access the Weebly product from your cPanel account. We also offer the paid Weebly Plans but we encourage you to start off with the free plan and see how you get on. You have full access to every Weebly template with this plan with the possibility of designing a very clean and professional website all included in your hosting package at no extra charge.

Enhanced Knowledge Base
We have spent some time enhancing our knowledgebase and this will be getting a further significant facelift in the coming weeks. If you would like anything added to this just reach out to us and let us know.

New Self Managed Instant Deployed Servers
Are you familiar with linux and web servers and do you need a self managed server? Until now we have focussed almost exclusively on our fully managed servers. On our new website we have a new product offering where you can spin up a server in seconds in multiple locations. Check out the Cloud Page and specifically the self managed section for more details.

Enhanced Hosting Plans
Gone is the confusion of Shared vs Business and 6 plans to choose from. We have streamlined this into 3 plans. All plans are enhanced and come with many additional extras that were not included in the previous shared plans. Check the Hosting page of the website to see what’s changed. Don’t worry if you are an existing client as nothing will change for you.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 08.13.43

High Availability Load Balanced Clusters
This again is a product we have been offering for a long time and we have had amazing success. Recently we managed the national launch of a website belonging to a famous celebrity across a ten server cluster with 100% uptime despite the website featuring on national news, newspapers and celebrity twitter feeds. Our team can engineer a customised solution for you based on your needs and a fully managed server cluster will be cheaper than you think to deploy.. We have benchmarked a small cluster of cloud servers vs the same resources allocated on one dedicated server and the cluster can handle significantly more concurrent traffic. Keep an eye on our blog in the coming weeks for more information about this benchmarking our team completed. If you need any more information on the architecture of this setup just give our team a call and we’ll gladly put you in touch with our system admins who are the cluster experts.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 08.16.15

Newly Designed Affiliates Page
Our affiliate scheme is and remains one of the most generous in the industry. We pay a full 15% recurring commission on any referrals and we have many clients making a lot of money from referring others to us. The new affiliates page allows you to see at a glance how much money you have made so far and you can access this from within your client area whilst logged in.

That annoying Cookie Warning
European Union Law dictates that we must have a ‘This site uses cookies’ notice on our website. We have placed this in a non intrusive location at the bottom of the main page the first time you load it and once you accept it you will not see it for another 12 months. We hope this is a small nod to complying with the EU law whilst making it less annoying for clients.

New Domain Names
Our site ‘Domain Names’ section can now handle the selling of the many new domain name extensions that are available and it will make suggestions to you based upon what you enter. The selling of the new domains is a challenge as domain name costs can vary depending on the prefix to the domain extension. For example, when first sold was a premium domain whereas was and still is the standard price. Our new ‘Domain Spinner’ will handle these domains and will only sell standard priced new domains. We will be working to tweak this and monitor it over the coming weeks to make sure it works well without any errors or false positives.

Other Changes
There are many other changes too numerous to mention so it just remains to invite you to have a browse around our website and let us know what you think. As always we truly appreciate your business and we thank you for being a loyal client.

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