Our Migration Policy Explained

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Our Migration Policy Explained

Big Wet Fish Hosting Data Migration Policy

Our migrations team are experts at what they do, and they can help you move your website into us in no time at all with the least of fuss. Our data migration policy has now been formalised to ensure fairness for all clients. Effective 7 November 2018 the following charges will apply.

All Clients
One free Migration (cPanel or not) is included for all new clients moving into us or for every new service ordered from us if you are an existing client.

cPanel to cPanel Migrations
Where you ask us to do a migration from another cPanel server to your server with us, the migration will always be free as we can use automated tools to complete the transfers with generally very few problems.

Manual Migrations
If you ask us to move a website from a server that is not using cPanel, we cannot use pre-built tools to do this for you. This means we have to manually migrate the entire site by first transferring the website files over to us, then dumping any databases from the source server before recreating them and restoring them with us. Once this is done, we usually have to do a host of other tweaks to get the website to work in a different environment than it’s used to (sometimes changing your files, like htaccess values and such). In this case, there is a modest £10 + VAT one-off charge for this service to help cover the technical time required.

WordPress Duplicator Migrations
An increasing number of clients are asking us to ‘migrate’ their new WordPress websites for them before launching.  E.g. ‘Please can you convert domain.com/devsite to load from a separate cPanel account as domain.com’.  There will be a modest £5 + VAT charge to cover the staff time to perform this move for you.  Please note there are many WordPress plugins such as Duplicator and WPClone (among others) that can easily be used to implement this change yourself if you want to avoid the charge.

Email Migrations
Where you need to move email into us we can do that using a process called ‘imapsync’.  There are tutorials online that would help you do this, but if you need us to perform this for you, we charge a small fee of £5+VAT per email address with discounts available for more than 5 addresses where we use our custom script to automate the majority of the hard work.

We understand we may have facilitated some free migrations for clients in the past, but please set our very modest charges in the context of four very well known competitors we just called who charge £150, £60, £25 and £10 respectively for migrating a single WordPress website from a server not using the cPanel software.

** A manual migration and IMAP Syncs may be included with some hosting packages

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