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How To Start Using The cPanel Paper Lantern Theme

How To Start Using The cPanel Paper Lantern...

Recently cPanel released a preview of the ‘new look and feel’ for upcoming cPanel versions. Entitled ‘Paper Lantern’ it promises to clean up the dated and cluttered cPanel x3 interface.

It should be stated from the outset that this is not a production ready theme and is in early development stages, cPanel have opted to release the theme anyway to gain some feedback on what they can change in upcoming versions before the final release. However in our internal testing the theme has been functional and hasn’t shown any signs of  being unstable and seems to run as expected.

What’s Changed?

From the screenshots below you can see the new ‘Paper Lantern’ (left) compared to the old ‘x3’ interface (right).

cPanel Main

As you can see there is a pretty big difference with the new theme, it looks modern and clean, in comparison with the old, dated x3 theme. If you’d like to see it in more detail you can check out cPanel’s own demo site for ‘Paper Lantern’ here.

If you are a reseller or a VPS customer you can enable the theme for yourself and your clients today from WHM by doing the following steps:

  • Log into WHM
  • Click Modify an Account in the sidebar.
  • Select an account and click Modify.
  • Select Paper Lantern from the cPanel Theme menu and click Save.
  • Log out and then log back into WHM to see your new theme!

If you are a shared customer simply open a support ticket here and we can enable the new theme for you.

The following has been taken from the cPanel Blog:

      Please remember that Paper Lantern is very alpha in 11.42 and will be going through quite a few big changes over the new few releases. Nothing, including the visual presentation of Paper Lantern, is set in stone at this point and we need your feedback more than ever. Email us or post in our User Experience forum and we’ll see it. Let us know what we’re getting right, what needs improvement, and if you have ideas about how we can make Paper Lantern even better.”

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