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Transferring a UK Domain Name into BWF

Karl B
Transferring a UK Domain Name into BWF

One of the largest and best known domain registrars in the UK recently increased the pricing for their UK domain names by a significant amount.   The current pricing (correct on 14 November 2017) for Big Wet Fish compared to the best known UK Supplier is below

Registrar     One Year Registration / Renewal      Two Year Registration / Renewal
Best Known in the UK     £9.99 + VAT     £19.98 + VAT
Big Wet Fish     £7.49 + VAT     £13.50 + VAT

It’s very easy (and usually free)  to move your UK domain name away from a more expensive supplier into Big Wet Fish.  There is also zero risk in this process.  Here we will explain the process:

To Transfer a UK Domain Name into Big Wet Fish

  • Order a Domain Transfer from our website (or open a support ticket and we can order for you)
  • Change the TAG at your current registrar (TAG will be provided in your transfer email)
  • We’ll do the rest

There is no charge for transferring a UK domain name into us and your expiry date will remain the same.  If you have .UK domain names with another provider we’d invite you to check with them what the current renewal rates will be and if we are cheaper why not move them to us.

Unless Nominet raise their wholesale pricing we have no plans to change our .UK pricing and the price we charge should be fixed for a while.

Any questions?  Want to start a transfer in?  Simple!  Just click here to open a support ticket for our sales team and we’ll help you get the orders placed.

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