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We’re Different Reason Two: Full Management

We’re Different Reason Two: Full...

Coming over the next Ten Weeks Stephen K from BWF Management gives ten reasons why we are different. It’s our mission to prove to you, why our way of providing web hosting may be better and give you as our American Friends would say  best value for your ‘web hosting dollar’

In this blog post Stephen K explains how we specialise in the provision of Fully Managed VPS Servers and how our management options will not leave you out in the cold if something happens.

Type ‘VPS Servers’ into a search engine ( if you are quick as it closes down in 6 days from now!) and you will be met with many choices for such solutions.  Many big names which will be well known to all of you offer VPS Servers and will tempt you in.  I wanted to tell you why I believe we are different then the big boys and why you should choose us as your provider of Fully Managed VPS Solutions.

Provider One:  123-Reg – Self Managed Servers

You all will have heard of 123-Reg who started off as a domain name provider (as indicated by the word Reg in their name) and who now offer hosting solutions including VPS hosting services.

Look what you can buy from 123-reg for £29.99 + VAT per month

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2GB RAM
  • 100GB HDD
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Linux Operating System

Add to this Cpanel, an extra IP (as our servers all come with 2 IPs as standard) and 100GB remote backup space (as this comes as standard with all our Fully Managed Servers)  and the total cost for a server with 123-Reg is £69.99.  Not too bad you may say?  That is a fair price for that offering but then I called 123-Reg and I specifically asked them if that server had any management included and I was told that 123-Reg servers are sold unmanaged (or self managed as we prefer to call it).

Of course you pay 123-Reg for this server and then pay us to manage it for you as we do have a server management add on for third party servers but hopefully later you can see why we truly believe ‘we are different’ and our servers are better!

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 13.02.11

Provider Two:  Fasthosts – Self Managed Servers

Fasthosts are a large UK based hosting provider who are well known in the industry.  Let’s spend a few moment looking at their offerings taken from their website today (3 July 2013).

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 80GB HDD
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Snapshot Backups included
  • Linux Operating System
  • Plesk Control Panel  (no Cpanel option)

This option is £32.39 per month and it does include snapshot backups where we were told it takes a snapshot every 2 hours for a 48 hour period at which point it over-writes. Fasthosts confirmed that these backups (unlike our managed backups) cannot be used to restore single files and can only be used to restore a snapshot of the entire server image.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 13.09.13

Fasthosts are also an unmanaged provider so like 123-Reg you self manage your server. Naturally you can buy a Fasthosts server and pay our Server Management Fee to have us manage it for you.

What Questions should I ask?

The above examples are from two of the better known UK Providers.  You can shop around yourself and compare options.  If you are contacting providers then here are some questions you could ask about management:

  • Once the server is set up is it Self Managed or Fully Managed?
  • What if a website gets infected with malware will you help me detect and clean the malware?
  • What if a new version of php is released and I need to recompile – will you do that for me?
  • Is backup provided in my server and will you set that up and manage it for me?
  • What is a client deletes a folder by accident will you help me restore just that folder from backup?
  • What is the server crashes and needs to be rebuilt from scratch will you help me rebuild my server and restore all my accounts from backup?  Furthermore will you work tirelessly and to your best effort  to make sure all hosted websites work after this restoration?

These are 6 simple questions and will give you an indication of your provider’s willingness to assist you if you needed advanced help.  Remember our Fully Managed Servers include ALL of the above and a lot more (see later) and we would not charge any extra for these services on our Fully Managed Servers. Some providers would charge up to £60 per hour for these services on unmanaged or self managed servers.

What do BWF Offer?

Our Fully Managed VPS Servers are different.  When planning our VPS Offerings we looked at what many of our large competitors and we planned a solution that would be better!  We promise ‘Best Effort’ in terms of server management and this is our commitment to you at all times.  We have hundreds of people who now trust us to manage their VPS Servers for them – why not join them!

Take a look at all of this included in your Fully Managed Server Cost

Partner with us for your Fully Managed VPS Server and we know you will not be disappointed:

Why Us?

  • UK Registered Company (Reg Number NI616536)
  • True 24/7 Helpdesk and Livechat Support from our website INCLUDED
  • Fully Certified Support Team manning Live Chat 24/7 INCLUDED
  • Best Effort Fully Managed Service INCLUDED
  • Managed Backups and 100GB Backup Space INCLUDED
  • Cpanel License INCLUDED
  • Softaculous Script Installer License INCLUDED
  • 24/7 Monitoring of all Critical Services INCLUDED
  • BWFMonitor Graphing Portal INCLUDED
  • Free Reboots / OS Reinstall INCLUDED
  • Migration from your current host INCLUDED
  • Powerful Servers (absolute minimum spec is E3-1230v2 and 32GB RAM in VPS Nodes)
  • Servers deployed SECURED and READY FOR USE

Go on!  Give us a try today!  We will deploy a fully managed server free of cost for up to 14 days and give you access to our support team to test us out!  We require no credit card details up front and the trial server is completely without obligation.


      table59 is an online marketing company that works with large brands including Moy Park, Balcas and Money Matters NI (one of the largest Legal & General representatives in the UK). Big Wet Fish is a fundamentally important component of table59’s service offering, delivering reliable, flexible and secure hosting.  We depend on BWF’s technical knowledge to support many of the projects that we implement; however, perhaps the most appealing facet of the BWF service is the speed of response, making BWF one of the most customer-oriented organisations I’ve ever come across.


Click here to visit table59

      Whether it’s a simple brochure website or a robust and reliable e-commerce system, Branding Bay have the expertise to produce a site that looks stunning, is responsive, and will be found on Google. Branding Bay relies on BWF to deliver secure, robust and reliable hosting for our clients. We can wholeheartedly recommend BWF due to their reliability of service, their excellent customer service and their technical know-how.


Click here to visit brandingbay

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