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When did you last make a backup of your website?

BWF Hosting
When did you last make a backup of your...

Backups, Backups and more Backups!  When did you last consider your backups for your website?  Do you have a local backup as well as relying on your web hosting provider?  You should never underestimate the importance of backups and here we will explain the backup options available to you.

Shared Web Hosting with Big Wet Fish
Our Shared Web Hosting comes with Daily, Weekly and Monthly courtesy backups with no retention that should allow you to recover your data in the event of failure.  We do have systems in place to check backups are working but we do not give any guarantees with our backups (although clients will testify we regularly perform restores very successfully. We recommend that any client on shared hosting regularly download and store local backups as the ultimate failsafe.

We also sell additional backup accounts in another data centre where you can get logins to the backup server to save locally for added peace of mind and we can get you pricing on request.  These backup plans start at £2.50 per month and could give you additional peace of mind for a very small outlay.

Managed Servers
All Managed Servers come with courtesy Daily, Weekly and Monthly Backups with no retention included in the cost.  If you have specific needs for continuous backups then speak to our team.  For an additional charge we can tailor a backup solution to your exact needs.  That may include a replicated server or hourly backups etc.

Servers Hosted Elsewhere?
We offer remote management of third party servers including backups or backups only for servers from other suppliers. eg. Servers from Digital Ocean etc.   Many clients use this service to have an additional off site backup that they can rely on if their main server fails.  This is a cost effective option and we can get details on request.

How do I download a backup to store locally on cPanel?
Log into cPanel
Click the Backups link under the Files sub section
Click the option to download or generate a full website backup
Choose ‘Home Directory’ as the backup destination
Click on the Generate Backup option
Go away (grab that much needed coffee) and come back in some time and refresh the page and you will now see the backup available to download
Download the backup to your local machine and keep it safe
Delete the backup from your /home folder to free up space once downloaded

The above backups that you generate and download can be used to restore your website to any cPanel server.


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