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Why YOU should move to Direct Debit Today!

Why YOU should move to Direct Debit Today!

For the past few months you may have seen we have been encouraging our clients to make a switch from Paypal and 2Checkout to Direct Debit.

We wanted to tell you why we are making such a big push for Direct Debit Payments.  Some of the reasons are purely selfish but others come genuinely from the desire to see a UK Based Startup employing a team of professionals become successful.

I am not far off the 40 years of age mark and when I initially contacted GoCardless the replies came back from two people who seem to have remained our point of contact (probably due to me keeping emailing them instead of using their official support channels – sorry!)  – Tim and Grey.  Both these guys are approximately half my age and their email avatar pic really made me look and feel really old – you know how you feel when you walk into the Doctor’s Surgery and the Doctor looks young enough to be your son – that is how I initially felt.  But the sheer dedication and professionalism of this young team very quickly instilled confidence that this was a company we wanted to partner with for payments.

The pure awesomeness of the GoCardless Team are second to none.  From replies to emails at 11pm (when I am sure Grey and Tim were not earning overtime) to an awesome friendly personal approach we really want all our clients to use this service for payments.

So here are TEN reasons (some selfish we admit) why we want all our clients to move from Paypal or 2Checkout to Direct Debit.  Of course if you prefer to use Paypal or 2Checkout please continue to do so – we will not turn away your cash – but we would ask you to consider making the move over to GoCardless this summer 🙂

Reason One:  You Support a UK Based Startup

Check out and take a look at their team of professionals working for them.  By moving to Direct Debit you directly support this UK Company. You pay exactly the same for your services but UK based GoCardless instead of Paypal and USA based 2Checkout will benefit from the fees they charge on us receiving your payment.

Reason Two:  Lower Fees for Us

So here is the first selfish reason!  Anyone who uses Paypal will know they charge approximately 3.4% + 20pence in fees (depends upon your volume per month). GoCardless charge a flat 1% and they cap that at £2 so for our larger Dedicated Server transactions and those clients with multiple VPS servers we save a lot of money in charges. On smaller payments we still save a few pence and as a large UK supermarket would say ‘Every Little Helps!’

Reason Three: Variable Payments make it easier for you

Set up a recurring card payment with 2Checkout or a Subscription from Paypal and it works fine until you add an IP or increase your VPS Server RAM!  At this point we need to completely cancel your payment and you need to set it up again.  With GoCardless we can vary the payment which is a lot more convenient.  You also get the required notification from GoCardless of any change to your payment.

Reason Four: You are 100% in control

With GoCardless instead of Credit Card authorizations where it sometimes can be inconvenient to cancel you are 100% in control.  If you want to cancel a payment with GoCardless all you do is log into your internet banking service or call your bank and ask them to cancel your Direct Debit with us – simple!  With GoCardless you can cancel without any intervention from us if you really want to.

Reason Five:  They have an Awesome Affiliate Scheme

If you are a small business and you want to accept payment via GoCardless from your clients then just sign up using this link:  and in return GoCardless will give us a small thank you payment as well as giving you £50 credit towards your GoCardless fees.  It is win-win for everyone!

Reason Six: Quick, Convenient and Automated

We process payments on 1st each month so once your payment plan is set up the system will automatically take your payment and mark the invoice as paid on 1st each month (or next working day after 1st if applicable). The money is taken straight from your bank account without you needing to remember to log in to pay an invoice.

Reason Seven:  No Foreign Exchange Fees

So here’s another selfish reason!  2Checkout are great and we have hundreds of clients who use this to pay their hosting charges.  As 2checkout are a USA based organisaton we lose out as your payment is converted from GBP to USD at time of payment and then weekly it is converted back from USD to GBP as it is paid into our UK bank account.  We also get charged a fee by our UK bank for accepting money from the USA.

Reason Eight:  Very Secure

As the name suggests with GoCardless so you need NEVER provide us with your credit or debit card number.  You also get the full protection of the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme which guarantees if a mistake is ever made you get a full and immediate refund from your bank.

Reason Nine:  It’s not PayPal !

One of our staff members lives and works in the USA.  We sometimes get flagged for ‘suspicious account activity’ by PayPal as Stephen K logs in from UK and Giles W logs in from USA – all genuine use of PayPal for genuine reasons yet their system cannot seem to cope with 2 staff members in 2 countries and we regularly have the inconvenience of an automated phone call to unblock our account when we try to do something that we see as normal!  Yes we do prevent this by the use of a VPN but it is still inconvenient.   With GoCardless there are no such worries for us and this is why we as an organisation would love all our PayPal clients to move to GoCardless!

Reason Ten:  Their CEO sent me an email!

Not long after signing up with GoCardless I received an email from the CEO of GoCardless.  I replied with a question and he came back to me promptly with an answer and referred me to someone else as well.  I do not know a lot of the internal structure of this company but they seem to have a totally hands on management team and I get the impression from any communications from them that they are an awesome company to work for.

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