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Your Managed Cloud Server from BWF

BWF Hosting
Your Managed Cloud Server from BWF

Your Managed Cloud Server can be set up, configured and ready for your use in no time at all.  We take the stress out of owning a web server by doing everything for you.  Here are just some of the things we will do for clients who order a managed cloud server from us.  Make sure when comparing pricing to competitors that they include everything below!

Our managed servers start at £20.83 + VAT when paid annually, and our sales team will be delighted to talk to you.

Modern Hardware in a secure Data Centre
We use IOMART.COM which is one of the best known secure facilities in the UK.  ISO27001 certification as standard means you know your secure cloud server is GDPR friendly for hosting your websites.

We’re here for you 24/7
Unlike many of the well-known cloud providers who sell self-managed servers and leave you to fend for yourself, we are here for you 24/7.  If you need something configured on your server, we’ll gladly assist if we can to the best of our ability.

No Hidden Charges for Bandwidth
Every cloud server we deploy comes as standard with GigE network ports on the host node and unmetered bandwidth so you will never get any surprise charges.  The fee you pay for your server will remain the same each and every month as long as the resources are not changed.

BWF Security Pack as Standard!
We know security is a massive concern for our clients, so that is why each server comes locked down and secured for you out of the box.  Mod Security Web Application Firewall with custom rules are pre-installed. A few other tweaks include mod_evasive, rkhunter, aide, ClamAV with SaneSecurity ruleset, hardened cPanel, hardened CentOS 7 template, spamd scanner, custom RBL’s, Software Firewall and Brute force protection as well as other security tweaks as standard.

Managed Backups as Standard
We automatically configure backups to a remote server for managed server clients ensuring we have a daily, weekly and monthly restore points. Additional custom backup plans are also available.  Backup restores are free of cost just submit a support ticket from your client area.

24/7 Monitoring and 2 Hour SLA
We monitor website uptime 24/7 and react should we see an outage.  We also always have spare hardware online ready to move your server should there ever be a hardware outage and any failed hardware will be repaired within 2 hours.

cPanel for ease of use
Every managed server we deploy comes as standard with a cPanel License.  cPanel is the worldwide leading control panel that makes managing your server easy from a user standpoint.

Free Migrations!
If you are moving from another cPanel server, we provide free data migrations.  If you do not have cPanel, we can still assist with migration for a very competitive charge and get you moved over to us in no time at all.



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